Thank you so much for stopping by my website!  If you have any questions or special needs, I hope youll contact me.  Id love to hear from you and show you how we can make your ideas a reality.

Heres a little bit about myselfIm a mother of two wonderful little boy's named Balian and Brycen. Im the wife of an amazing man named Tommy.  I love my boys more than words can express!  When Im not shooting, Im spending my time with them, my family and close friends and embrace quality moments with special people. 

Im very active and enjoy working out, inside or outdoors hiking or taking my boys to the park behind the stroller.  Im a big crafter and enjoy creating in the kitchen too.  I love learning about health and nutrition (Im a clean-hippy at heart). I'm an essential oils addict! I have to admit I have biggest sweet tooth and so does my husband and boys! I always try to be aware of my familys health and the environment were in.  Its okay to juice carrots, kale and lemons and then have a bowl of ice cream an hour later, right?  Thats my life, a healthy balance and mix of enjoyment and responsibility!

People have always been my passion in life.  I love people!  It makes my heart happy to be able to stop time and preserve lifes special moments in photographs.  Knowing that Amanda Meg Photography can bring joy and provide quality memories for you is truly my goal.

I cant wait to meet you and talk about how I can help bring your engagement, wedding, birth and birthdays to life.  Lets spend some time together soon.